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Looxid Link Package for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye


Looxid Link for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye is an accessory device for the HTC VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye VR headset. THE PACKAGE DOES NOT COME WITH HTC VIVE PRO OR HTC VIVE PRO EYE. Take advantage of high-definition view of VIVE Pro and use the EEG sensing capabilities, which are integrated to the design of VIVE Pro without interfering with its functionalities. The lightweight user-friendly design gives you access to the EEG signals of 6 channels in the prefrontal area of the brain (forehead region). Obtain research-graded robust data with up to 24-bit resolution and 500Hz sampling frequency. With our easy-to-use API, developers can use the commands that use the different brain wave frequencies to interact with the VR content, obtain feedback, and have real time access to the data.

*Please note that the device does not record raw data. It allows you to see them in real-time.

This package includes the following:

  • Looxid Link Mask for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye
  • Looxid Link Hub
  • Looxid Link Hub Mounter
  • Support for Looxid Link Unity SDK
  • Access to different indexes applicable to VR
  • Access to demo applications for testing EEG

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EEG sensors

  • 6 channels: AF3, AF4, AF7, AF8, Fp1, Fp2
  • 1 reference: FPz at extended 10-10 system
  • Dry electrodes on flexible PCB
  • Sampling rate: 500Hz
  • Resolution: 24 bits per channel (with 1 LSB = 0.27μV)
  • Filtering: digital notch filters at 50Hz and 60Hz, 1-50Hz digital bandpass filter
  • Built-in power isolator
  • Input differential dynamic range: 360mV
  • Coupling mode: DC coupled


  • USB 2.0 connected

Real-time data access

  • Raw EEG data: 500Hz (with/without filter options)
  • Feature indexes (alpha, beta, gamma, theta, delta): 10Hz
  • Mind indexes (attention, relaxation, balance): 10Hz

Weight by components

  • Looxid Link Hub: 56g
  • Looxid Link EEG Mask for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye: 71g

Dimensions by components

  • Looxid Link Hub: 145 × 50 × 50 mm
  • Looxid Link EEG Mask for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye: 177 × 138 × 72.5 mm


  • Looxid Link Hub: polycarbonate (case)
  • Looxid Link EEG Mask for VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro Eye: polycarbonate, knit fabric, polyurethane sponge

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 295 × 205 × 115 mm